Friday, 20 April 2012

Meet Harry, Larry and Maude....

not to mention Fuzzy , Wally , Burt, Dozey, Nosey, Rosie and Tiny.

Our new project for the summer to raise moths or butterflies. The children thought this was a wonderful idea and its given Jason a chance to relive his childhood and teach his own children how to do it.  First he designed and made a cage to put the caterpillars in when they are big enough so we can watch and see what happens.

It has a removable back for easy access , a perspex viewing window at the front and mesh sides and top. All very exciting.

Next we had to decide what type of moth or butterfly we wanted. After much research to find a variety which would eat the food we had in the garden we settled on garden tiger moths. I think the name appeals more to the children at the moment as the caterpillars are called Woolly Bear caterpillars and then grow into garden tiger moths. So we purchased some larvae/caterpillars off the internet and waited.

Finally our caterpillars arrived all 10 of them surviving the journey.

Fresh leaves picked and we moved them into their new home.....

I shall keep you posted as to how they grow and what happens next .

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spring snapshots

Yes I am still alive, its been rather busy here lately and time seems to be flying by. I thought I would share a few photographs of the beautiful blossoms that are starting to show their faces in our garden. Spring is here and slowly everything is waking up. I hope they brighten your day.