Monday, 13 August 2012

Make, Do and Mend .

As the saying goes - Make, Do and Mend, well that is the weekend we had.

The Make part - was a dream catcher for Aimee. With a lot of improvising we raided the craft box and with a bit of garden wire we made a pink and silver dreamcatcher. End result one very happy little girl.

The Do part - well that has to be our trip into London to take the children to the theatre to see Horrible Histories - Barmy Brittain. I remember as a little girl going each year to see a play or musical as a special treat for my birthday and with the children being able to sit still for about an hour we educated them in a trip to the Garrick theatre in London. They seemed to enjoy the experience and seeing the old theatre. In fact we heard noises of can we go again, I want to see .... and the list started building.

The Mend part - Corbin has been asking for a desk to write on for ages now and being a bit tight on space we have left the project for a while. Last week while in the garden shed I noticed something tucked in the back corner and hey-presto it was a small child's desk. Looking a bit weather beaten and with a water rotted bits not to mention spider webs we dug it out and had a look if we could do anything with it. A bit of a cleanup and removal of the bottom legs , a new coat of paint and this is what we got:

All in all a lovely productive weekend.

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